Maxim Consulting Group is pleased to publish articles in many national construction periodicals.  Here are some of the articles recently published by the Maxim team:


Revolutionizing Construction: The Role of AI (ASA - The Contractor's Compass Jan 2024)

Aligning for Success: Linking People and Strategy for Seamless Implementation (ASA - The Contractor's Compass Dec 2023)

Current Impacts on Productivity in the Construction Industry and Strategies to Combat Them (ASA - The Contractor's Compass Nov 2024)

Using BATNA to Supercharge More Profitable Negotiations (ASA - The Contractor's Compass Oct 2023)

Building the Future: Emerging Future Trends and Impact Areas in Construction (ASA - The Contractor's Compass Jun 2023)

Streamlining Processes for Cost Savings and Chargeback Allocation Strategies (ASA - The Contractor's Compass May 2023)

Networking for Success (ASA - The Contractor's Compass Nov 2022)

Intentional Training - A Strategic Initiative (ASA - The Contractor's Compass Aug 2022)

Key Performance Indicators (ASA - The Contractor's Compass May 2022)

BATNA: Your Secret Weapon in Negotiations (CFMA - Building Profits Jan/Feb 2022)

Navigating the Challenges of OSHA's Emergency Temporary Standard on COVID-19 Mandate (ASA - The Contractor's Compass Jan 2022)

The Executive Order Impact on COVID Safety Protocols for Federal Contractors (ELECTRI - Research Report)

Mergers & Acquisitions: Integrating Targets to Accelerate Profit (CFMA - Building Profits Nov/Dec 2021)

Mergers & Acquisitions: Identifying Strategic Acquisition Targets (CFMA - Building Profits Sep/Oct 2021)

Mergers & Acquisitions: Reasons, Risks & Rewards (CFMA - Building Profits Jul/Aug 2021)

Maximizing a CFO's Contribution to Organizational Value (CFMA - Building Profits May/Jun 2021)

Successfully Managing Remote Workforces (CFMA - Building Profits Jan/Feb 2021)

The Executive’s Role in Business Development (ASA - The Contractor's Compass Jan 2021)

4 Key Trends in 2021 To Maximize Profits (CFMA - Building Profits Nov/Dec 2020)

Survival Strategies Amid COVID‑19 (ASA - The Contractor's Compass Nov 2020)

Shifting the Employee Development Model - Transparency and Collaboration Creates Success (ASA Contractor's Compass Oct 2020)

Shifting the Business Model to Ensure Future Success - The Needs of the Next Generation (ASA Contractor's Compass Sep 2020)

Managing Cash Flow Amid COVID (CFMA Building Profits Jul/Aug 2020)

Employee Engagement in Unprecedented Times (ASA Contractor's Compass May 2020)

The Power of Peer Groups (AGC Constructor Magazine e-Newsletter Apr 2020)

Mitigating the Impact of Tariffs & Rising Material Costs (CFMA Building Profits Jan/Feb 2020)

Implementing Effective Preventative Maintenance Programs (CFMA Talking Heavy Nov 2019)

Adopting Technology to Gain an Edge (ASA The Contractor's Compass Oct 2019)

Data Mining - Looking Back to Accelerate Moving Forward (ASA The Contractor's Compass Aug 2019)

Equipment Acquisition & Disposal Strategies (CFMA Talking Heavy Aug 2019)

Teamwork and Technology - The Business Strategies Case Study (ASA The Contractor's Compass Jun 2019)

Employee Retention: From Recruitment to Retirement (CFMA Building Profits May/Jun 2019)

Pricing Risk in (and Out of) Construction Projects (ABC Construction Executive May 2019)

The Impact of Culture on Growing Construction Operations (CFMA Building Profits Mar/Apr 2019)

Growth Through Lean Transformation (AGC Constructor Magazine Jan/Feb 2019)

Three Ways Technology is Changing How We Look at a Construction Site (ABC Construction Executive Jan/Feb 2019)

Value Stream Mapping - Base Camp for Process Improvement (ABC RM Merit Builder Winter 2018)

Take Leadership Skills to the Next Level (Construction Executive This Week Dec 2018)

Improving Jobsite Productivity (ASA The Contractor's Compass Nov 2018)

Utilizing Standardized Work to Improve Safety (ABC RM Merit Builder Fall 2018)

How to Implement an Ownership Transition without Disrupting Your Organization (ASA The Contractor's Compass Sep 2018)

Communication Reform (Partners in Progress May 2018)

Shaping the Future of the Construction Industry with Technology (ASA The Contractor's Compass Apr 2018)

Six Options for Succession and Exit Planning (ABC Construction Executive Mar 2018)

Management Succession Planning (ABC RM Merit Builder Winter 2017)

Transform Your Organization for the Future (ASA The Contractor's Compass Dec 2017)

Professional Development (ASA The Contractor's Compass Sep 2017)

The Roadmap for Business Development - A Structured Approach (ASA The Contractor's Compass Aug 2017)

Improving Your Cash Flow (ASA The Contractor's Compass Jul 2017)

Recognizing Potential Change Orders (ASA The Contractor's Compass May 2017)

Leadership Development (ASA The Contractor's Compass Oct 2016)

Ethics in the Construction Industry (ASA The Contractor's Compass Sep 2016)

The Importance of Connecting with Tomorrow's Workforce (ASA The Contractor's Compass Jul 2016)

Communication that Counts (CFMA Building Profits May/June 2016)

The Pieper Houston Story: Defining the Company's Legacy (ASA The Contractor's Compass April 2016)

Building for the Future - Addressing Construction Industry Workforce Issues (ASA The Contractor's Compass Dec 2015)

Using Technology to Drive Contractor Success (CFMA Building Profits Nov/Dec 2015)

Ethics of Field Leaders (ASA The Contractor's Compass Oct 2015)

Recruitment & Retention (CFMA Building Profits May/Jun 2015)

Billings & Collections (CFMA Building Profits Mar/Apr 2015)

Prefabrication & Design Standards (ASA The Contractor's Compass Feb 2015)

'Double-Handling' Can Be a Good Thing (Electrical Contractor Dec 2014)

Executive's Role in Business Development (ABC Construction Executive Nov 2014)

Technology as a System of Engagement (ASA The Contractor's Compass Sep 2014)

Improve Project-Level Cash Flow with Training & Education (CFMA Building Profits Jul/Aug 2014)

Cash Flow (ASA The Contractor's Compass Jul 2014)

Invest in Standardization; Maximize Productivity (ABC Construction Executive Jun 2014)

Cracking the WIP (ASA The Contractor's Compass Mar 2014)


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