Feedback can be a difficult thing, and having an “outsider” in your business poking around and asking questions (lots and lots of questions) can be uncomfortable at best.  Maxim did a fantastic job of conducting the assessment in a way that was both professional and non-threatening.  Maxim did a great job of helping us to understand the individual areas of the assessment as well as how they fit into the larger picture.  

"I have attended many SMACNA training seminars for about 12 years now and you are one of the better instructors if not the best that SMACNA has ever brought in."

Maxim did a fantastic job leading the ABC planning conference last week. We had a great response from the attending membership. Your vast knowledge of the inner workings of trade associations, knowledge of construction, and all the prep work conducted prior to the meeting helped to facilitate a constructive session.

"I attended Maxim's Prefabrication and Lean seminar last week and it was one of the most comprehensive seminars I have ever been to. Your execution was flawless and I gained a lot of insight that I had been searching for. I will be the 3rd generation moving forward with our business and I wholeheartedly agree that these principles will need to be applied in order to be efficient and stay alive."

"Our company has been in Peer Groups for over 10 years and have found Maxim Consulting Group to have superb facilitators.  Their peer groups are professionally managed and well worth the investment."

"Without question, Maxim Consulting Group has been the best experience I have had with a consulting company. The level of their professionalism and expertise was bar none. My only regret was that I waited all these years."