OUR VISION : Driving contractor profitability by leveraging a unique industry perspective

After years of working with contractors utilizing captives, we have built a model that allows contractors to stabilize and control one of their largest fixed costs, insurance. Measurable results around safety, claims and profitability make this a top priority for our clients.

Maxim and our strategic partners offer all types of captive insurance programs ranging from single-parent to rentals and member-owner group captives for your workers’ compensation, casualty lines and/or employee benefits. In a captive insurance program, a group of individuals or businesses unite together to form their own private insurance company. The captive insurance company allows companies to gain ownership and control of all aspects of their insurance spend, including all costs and profits associated with their insurance programs.

Traditional Insurance Market

Our Beliefs

Premiums are based heavily on things out of the client’s control, like market condition and geographic location

Premiums should be based heavily on a client’s OWN performance

Premiums belong to the insurance company

Premiums belong to the business owner, and provide an opportunity for profitability

The client is separate from the insurance company

The client is an owner of the insurance company, controlling costs, access, group size, and structure of the insurance company

The client is responsible for their risk management

The insurance provider plays an important role in helping clients improve their safety practices and minimalize risks

The client is responsible for their business strategy, operations, and finance

The insurance provider can make connections to industry experts, in an effort to help clients improve all aspects of their business



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Why contribute to someone else’s bottom line when you could be adding to your own?

If your business has an entrepreneurial drive to control risk, our captive insurance program could be for you. Captive insurance is a proven approach for those that like to do business boldly. The best part? All of the advantages of becoming an owner of your own insurance go straight to your bottom line.


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