What is Lean Transformation?

All contractors struggle with the same challenges… schedule compression, pricing pressure, and manpower shortages. The answer is defining a new business model that addresses these challenges with long term solutions. This transformation results in an integrated organization with a common view of success, a shared culture, and a streamlined, effective infrastructure.

Every contractor is unique and lean transformation does not have a one size fits all outcome.

Our Approach:

Maxim Consulting Group views businesses as a collection of interconnected processes that:

  • cut across functional departments
  • create a reliance of information/data between functions
  • become inefficient due to the number of steps

Lean Transformation is a process of encouraging systems thinking, to better understand the interactions between functions and improve processes for better efficiency.

Lean Transformation enables organizations to improve productivity and profitability by minimizing activities that are non-value added and eliminating waste.

Maxim customizes the following multi-step approach to meet individual client needs:

Step I: Customer Identification – Identify all customers (internal and external)
Step II: Value Identification - Identify and define what customers (internal and external)
Step III: Current State Process Map – Conduct a comprehensive Value Stream Map (VSM)
Step IV: Future State Process Map - Develop “Ideal Future State” VSM that resolves challenges and inefficiencies and creates new opportunities
Step V: Gap Analysis - Conduct a gap analysis between the Current VSM and the Ideal State VSM
Step VI: Identify Improvements and Measurement Metrics
Step VII: Develop a master plan for implementing improvements

Want to learn more?
Maxim Consulting Group welcomes the opportunity to assist you with Lean Transformation. To learn more about the impact we can make in your company, please contact Michael McLin or call 303-688-0503.

Click here for a downloadable copy of our approach to Lean Transformation.


Lean Transformation can include:

  • Design Standards
  • Manufacturing Standards
  • Installation Standards
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Enterprise Scheduling
  • Material Requirements Planning
  • Process Standardization
  • Roles & Responsibilities


Maxim Consulting Group has helped hundreds of firms become more consistent, predictable and scalable.